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We do have a dizzying array of almost everything from Objets d’art (that’s French for things that look like art), signs, pictures, mirrors, pillows, scarves, candles, clothing, chalk paint, supplies and of course, chalk painted furniture.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site and would like to invite you to stop by if you happen to be in the area. Even on the days we aren’t posted as open we are usually in the shop or somewhere nearby. You can always give us a call at (641) 691-0775.

A quick tour of our latest pieces

Classy 8 Drawer Dresser

This piece kicked around the workshop for quite a while before it “spoke” to us. We toyed with a few ideas, maybe something in a greyish white? Nah. Well, we had just sold a red piece? Nope. It was a beautiful old piece that needed some attention. After a thorough Krud Kutter cleaning I decided to try a simple rub. Howard Feed-N-Wax Wood Polish & Conditioner is my go to. The piece woke up right before our eyes and Daun did the rest. The Japanese artwork is highlighted by gold gilding. A very nice piece brought back-to-life. 24″D x 38″W x 53″H. $300.

Painted Vintage Dresser

We just finished the beautiful chalk painted dresser, 45″H x 36″W x 20″D, with a beautiful floral presentation on the front and a bit of whimsy added to sides of the drawers. $225.

Darting down a rabbit hole with Alice

A quick photo essay on the Evolution of All Things Alice

Cherrywood Dresser

This elegant 5 (large) drawer dresser is truly one-of-kind The quality and workmanship of this cherrywood piece are exceeded only by its good looks. Priced at $300.

Distressed Drop Leaf Table

Distressed white drop leaf table. 42″ x 28″ (56″ with both leaves extended) x 30″ H. $150.

Beautiful Dainty Table

This darling small table is painted in farmhouse green by Dixie Belle. The transfers are from IOD. It is the perfect place to host a tea. The price is $90. It is one of a kind so don’t wait. 34″W x 20″D x 29″H.

Keepsake Treasure Chest


This beautiful little chest has some cool features. It secures from the inside, for instance, and it could be a “hiding” place for almost anything … make-up, jewelry, keepsakes, and of course, that novel or script you’ve been writing. 23″W x 15″H x 10″D. Les Beaux Esprits Inspirent Les Autres – ‘Beautiful minds inspire others.’

Beautifully Reclaimed 5 Drawer Bureau


2 Turtle doves and Peacock on a Paris Bureau. Sounds like a Christmas carol. I’ll stop. This beautifully reclaimed 5 drawer bureau just had too much promise to pass by. We think the effort was worth it. 46″H x 31″W x 20″D – $95

Beautifully Restored Vintage Hutch


72″ H x 42″ W x 16″ D $200

Cheerful Desk & bench seat


The desk is 36″W x 18″D x 39″H $80, the bench is $50. Together – $125

Sunflower Shelf

This knick-knack shelf (24″ W x 9″ H & D) looks as at home in the entryway as it does in the kitchen. $35

Child’s book/toy shelf

This whimsical multi-purpose shelf is a perfect addition to any early learner’s bedroom. The dimensions of this cloth backed beauty are 29″W x 8″D x 29″H. $40


Hand Carved Wooden Bread Bowls

These are charming. White 8″x13″ $17.50, Black 9″x14″ $17.50, Red 8″x12″ $17.50, White 8″x20″ $20.00.

Hand Thrown 8″ Plates

The set of 6 is shown above, hand thrown and painted, whimsical. $30.

French Country Dresser

Looks like it came from an old French castle. One of a kind. $300

Console/Coffee Bar


Modern coffee bar can also serve as a home for your television. Or as also noted – a table in an entryway.

Side Chest

This side chest has a writing surface that tucks nicely away when not in use. This piece was wonderful to begin with, but, with some creative attention to detail, it went from ‘yeah, that’s nice’ to “Oooh LaLa, C’est magnifique”. Great accent piece for any living space or bedroom. $225

Canvas handbags

Made from old army tents. We have two sizes.

Rodeo themed buffet

This piece could be just about anything it wanted. A buffet or even a T.V. stand in a man cave. But not a changing table in a nursery.

Thanks for stopping by, please do stop in and visit sometime, we’d like to meet you.

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