Home Décor

Our Home Décor items cover quite the spectrum of tastes and moods.

Chuckling Cardinals to Solemn Nuns, Parsons to Poets.

Plates, mugs, candlesticks, figurines, just about anything.

If it’s in stock, we’ve got it!

We aren’t limited to just ceramics, we have signs ranging from whimsical to lovey dovey, inspirational and spiritual, and some that are witty.

Lamps, artwork, pictures, pillows, and wall hangings

Some nice stuff, maybe you can brighten someone’s day.

We have a tasteful mix of both art and décor.

Daun has been running around the shop this past week marking stuff down, moving it over here, then over there … I’m winded just being in the same building when she is like this.

Below are some of the additions we have recently made.

Be sure check our other pages for gift ideas and thoughtful gestures.


Knick Knacks

Thank You for stopping by.

To inquire about item availability, store hours, workshops, upcoming events and whatnot, you can reach Daun @ (641) 691-0775 or Michael @ (515) 368-0211. Or drop us a note below.

Chateau Moo

A fun, French Country chic shop smack dab in the middle of nowhere.

Open Hours

By Appointment or …
Fri – Sat: 11 AM – 4:00 pm


37 South Main Street,
Dayton, IA 50530


(641) 691-0775 1234

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