D.I.Y. Supplies & Paints

We’ve got you covered, from beginning to end …

Tissue and Rice Paper

Decorate your furniture and décor pieces with these beautiful decoupage sheets for a delicate and unique look.


These are easy to use rub-on transfers with many uses. Simply peel, rub-on and transfer a beautifully detailed design to transform your next piece into a work of art.


Make your decorating easier by using tools made expressly for D.I.Y. projects.


With 64 colors on the palette, the combinations appear limitless. Layering blending, dry brushing, you name it. You can do it.

Start to Finish

Slick stick, waxes, glazes, clear coat, texture and crackle. The finishing touch.

Brushes & Tools

Brushes, applicator pads, spatulas and more.

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