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February/March 2021

As these pictures indicate, what started out as a few pieces of furniture (see January 2021 – below) in what we now refer to as “Frank’s Place” (we rent from a former schoolmate of Daun’s), we’ve begun the process of moving our “raw” furniture out of the shop, out of the garage and out of the shed, and put it in one place. Outside of giving us lots more room in the workshop end of the store, it gives us the ability to see what we have, what we should work on next, and of course what we should go shopping for SOON (obviously). We have also found we can use it as a “surplus” showroom. It’s a nice space and it’s handy.

January 2021

Big goings on at the store since mid-December. First, let me tell you the behind the curtain gyrations taking place. In early summer we were feeling a little pinched for space so we had a small shed put up behind the building for some storage space. We filled that up in no time and then we found ourselves using the garage at home as a temporary “holding cell” for our acquisitions.

Something had to give. Summer was fading fast and 2 cars sitting curbside all winter long while a couple of rooms worth of used furniture occupied a perfectly serviceable 2 car garage was unfathomable. We looked high and low for some adequate, affordable and, local storage options. We looked into renting booth space in some of our favorite “go to” vintage furniture/arts and crafts consignment stores. All for naught until, Daun mentioned to some friends that we really needed more space, for storage and also to hold classes and workshops. We hit the jackpot! We’ll be moving seasonal items and both finished and unfinished projects just a 1/2 a block down the street. This ought to free up the workshop for work and the showroom for show. We can’t wait to get to started!

Creative ways to create

Scooting around on your hands and knees on a concrete floor ages one rapidly. We decided we needed a lift on wheels, so I Amazoned one (did I just invent a verb?), it’ll be here on the 12 th. The here and now is here, now, and we needed to stop crawling around on the floor. We had picked up 4 “manly” tractor seat barstools recently. They have found use in the workroom but 2 of us didn’t need 4 stools. Voila! When the “what if you just took … ” ideas start flowing, I’ve found it quite fun to throw caution (and common sense) to the wind and just go for it. Barstools swivel! Tractor seats can also be a wall hanging (I can’t seem to throw anything away). I removed the seat from a barstool, bolted a 24″ x 24″ square of 3/4″ plywood to the swivelly part, stapled a piece of rubberized carpet on top of that, stood it on a furniture dolly and, I now present to you “Lazy Larry” the hybrid Lazy Susan/bar stool/on a furniture dolly. We still have 2 barstools looking for a good home, or man cave.

January 3, 2021

Dayton Rodeo – A local attraction was the inspiration for this piece.

Paints by Dixie Belle Paints
Transfer by Redesign with Prima
Creative ideas by Daun

This piece came into our possession as a rather uninspiring television stand / home entertainment center. Beautiful piece, very well made, and I’m pretty certain it didn’t begin it’s furniture existence being stared at by a bunch of zombies. It was more than likely a well respected member of the dining room staff, The Buffet. Hopefully we’ve begun a new and exciting “next” phase of purpose.

And The Beat Goes On

Man that middle stretch of February was brutal. We both experienced car problems, mine was a battery, Daun’s was much larger, brake issues. The good news is we found a local mechanic, the bad news is we are out about 850 frogskins and I now know what frost nip is. Which brings us to the first week of March. I resigned from my part-time position to be able to actually take a day off. Of course it didn’t last long (4 days), but it was nice. My new part-time “other” job is as as IT/Web guy for a non-profit in Webster County, Iowa. What I’ll do with 2 days off a week is to be determined. Probably go dig around in a barn somewhere. You just never know.

Behind The Curtain

The idea for this venture was hatched when I asked Daun how come she didn’t have any cupboards in her newly remodeled kitchen. She gathered together some magazines, handed them to me and said “Here, take a look”. Cottages & Bungalows, The Cottage Journal, Cottage Style, Victoria Classics – French Cottage 2020. As far as I could tell, I was holding a handful of magazines promoting very expensive D.I.Y. projects that were nice looking Better Homes and Gardens type living areas meant for someone else. I think of myself as a tool shed/bib overalls guy. Plaid is a good color for me, not pastels. But, the seed was planted. Every so often French Country Cottage this, or French Country Cottage that would come up in conversation and here we are.

Where to next?

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